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Last Update: 21st December 2005

eclectic: deriving ideas, tastes, styles, etc. from various sources

Updated:   New works in Gallery 4: ”Cheetah” & “Apple”

New:   Selected works are available as high-quality canvas prints from Oak Apple Art.  Click here: www.oakappleart.com

I’m by no means an expert in web-design but I think the site is pretty easy to wander through.  If you have any comments about the artwork or the site (or if you have any suggestions for improvements to the site) I can be contacted via the email link on the Contact page. Alternatively, please leave a message in the Guestbook.

From the menu buttons or via direct links you can navigate around the site, including the Galleries which contain examples of my work (use the left, right and up arrows to navigate through each gallery or go back to the galleries entrance page).  Many have been gifts for friends and as such are not for sale but they’ll give you an idea of some of the subjects I paint.  Additionally, you will find works for sale on both canvas and paper as well as commissions.

I have never been one to “define” my style, either in art or in life.  My interests range from painting to my motorbike via a variety of other pastimes (computing, sewing, cooking, fantasy/sci-fi and reading etc....).  Consequently, the paintings I produce are......an assortment. I like it that way.

Whether you want to buy, commission or just browse I hope you enjoy the artwork as much as I do. For other artists on the web, check out the links on the Contacts page or the Netring link below.


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